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To cultivate the youth to be the future leaders who are committed to make positive improvements in society. Through environmental awareness campaigns and community events, we hope the youth will develop good personal character and experience many means to become involved in society.

PAVA Jr. is an educational organization that seeks to transform its students into leaders. PAVA Jr. students attend workshops, which are led by accomplished and world-renowned figures, to edify their leadership skills. PAVA Jr. also offers students classes such as tennis, fencing, archery, and Korean traditional dance classes. On Saturdays, PAVA Jr. Students experience traditional Asian culture through Samulnori (Korean Drumming) workshops PAVA Jr. students learn to adopt humanism through their volunteer work, which often is recognized, through awards, by the mayor, councilmember, county supervisor, congressman, and the President. PAVA Jr. students build their leadership skills through various PAVA-offered leadership workshops. Moreover, students make lasting friendships through PAVA activities and events.

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