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Hello everyone, my name is WooJoo Hong and I am your new National President for the 2022-2023 year. I am currently a junior at LACES Magnet High School and a part of District 2.
Through my four years of PAVA, one thing I’ve stumbled upon was the presence of an attitude influenced by the popular phrase, “you give and take”. At first, I liked this phrase. No, maybe I even loved it because it brought a line of fairness and ethics to the table. This was the way I thought, hence influencing my morals with it. However, this type of thinking would all gradually change through the hours of devoting my time to helping and serving my community.
Community service is more than just spending hours and not getting yelled at by your parents. It is the attendance to be more than what you are and acknowledging that doing your part makes a huge impact on your world and eventually full-circles back to you. It’s the gift that keeps giving. That’s why PAVA is great, because all these events and chances to embrace the better you are here, awaiting your presence and execution.

As National President, I want to make this organization more present with the students rather than the parents and shift the quiet trends inflicted upon PAVA by COVID. By the end of my term, I wish to have made a difference in shifting people’s views on sacrificing their days to come help and helped facilitate bringing the leader from within.

Woojoo Hong

National President

LACES Magnet High School

Class of 2023

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