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Hello PAVA World members! I am Lucy Lee, a rising senior at Sage Hill School, and I am
honored to be the National President of the Pacific American Volunteer Association for


First and foremost, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to hold this esteemed position and lead this fantastic group of volunteers. It is truly humbling to have the chance to serve and make a positive impact in the lives of others through the power of volunteering.Through my years with PAVA, I have not only forged enduring friendships but also cultivated invaluable life skills, learning the profound significance of community service—a lesson that will remain ingrained within me forever.


Furthermore, PAVA's array of activities, seminars, and programs have made me more well-rounded and created unique experiences that became essential to who I am today. PAVA instilled in me a sense of responsibility but also nurtured qualities of leadership, commitment, and positivity, providing me with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities I would have never imagined being part of. As we embark on this new term, I am brimming with excitement and anticipation for the memories and milestones that lie ahead. I am excited to take on the role of National President as I am eager to share the knowledge that I have gained from my past experiences and continue the success that my predecessors have achieved while demonstrating a constant commitment to PAVA and our community. I look forward to the time ahead of us and the opportunity to make a difference with PAVA, leaving a lasting impact on our community.

Lucy Lee


National President


Sage Hill School

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