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What makes PAVA special?

The goal of PAVA is to promote and expand volunteerism in Southern California. What makes PAVA special is that students lead the group, and this differentiates PAVA from many other volunteering organizations. PAVA encourages us to build friendship and collaboration at the same time. More importantly, the opportunity is provided. Beyond providing a chance to preserve the environment and to contribute to our local communities, we are always motivated to go through challenges by raising awareness of the Korean culture. This is more than just environmental cleanups, or helping people in need or providing educational workshops and seminars for high school students. Not only students, but parents can also cooperate and challenge themselves to impact the society through PAVA. PAVA also offers a variety of volunteering events, which you can participate with your friends and family. By putting your time and effort into volunteering, you will be thrilled by your self-development.

If I had to choose one of the most memorable events in PAVA, it would be performing samulnori at the Hollywood Christmas parade. In order to get prepared, we started practicing around June to November every Saturday. To be honest, I wanted to rest at home, or get dinner with friends on Saturday; however, I was proud of myself and able to feel the accomplishment after we finished the parade. It wasn't just a parade, we let people realize the beauty of Korean culture, which includes colorful traditional costume, powerful rhythm, and elegant Korean dance. I played Korean drum called Janggu while dancing with the sound we make as a group by playing different kinds of instruments. More importantly, I became closer with friends whom I spent time practicing with. I have gained the trustable friends, memories and self-confidence through this valuable experience.

While living in another country, being aware of your ancestry and culture is crucial. PAVA gives you this opportunity. Aside from samulnori, there are many other meaningful events that you could be a part of. Throughout my years in PAVA, I have gained so much confidence, and I learned that every single individual can have a lasting impact on future generations. Don’t hesitate to join PAVA World and show your strength.

Ju Hee Kim

National President

South Pasadena High School

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