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Hello, I am Ji Won Kim, your National President for the 2019-2020 year. I am a junior at Torrance High School and I have been part of PAVA since 9th grade as a member of District 6. Now, I am part of District 1.

I joined PAVA by chance; but, PAVA allowed me to spend my time helping others and the community. On my first Midnight Mission volunteering, I cracked 300 eggs. The trees I planted 3 years ago at Amigos have already grown considerably. Heal the Bay beach cleanups and Bolsa Chica Wetlands cleanups allowed me to preserve nature. By participating in the Christmas Hollywood Parades, I learned how to play multiple samulnori instruments. I am infinitely grateful for the unforgettable memories I made.

Service is for others; however, I am realizing that the ultimate benefactor is actually myself. I am able to meet diverse people from various places and help each other. Volunteering with my parents gave us a chance to connect even more. Learning new types of leadership and cultivating my efforts have allowed me to grow as a member of the community. That is why I always recommend it to aspiring students to become a part of PAVA, to share these extraordinary experiences that will augment students as humans.

I will continue to work hard for the approaching 2019-2020 year and do my part in making PAVA one of the nation’s most distinguished Korean Volunteering organization. I cannot wait for the new memories and events that lie ahead of us.


Ji Won Kim

Torrance High School,

Class of 2020

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