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PAVA has helped me stand up

Hello, my name is Chris Kim and I am your new National Vice President for the 2018-2019 year. I am a junior at Cypress High School located in Cypress and part of District 9 through PAVA. As I was searching for different volunteer opportunities in my area, I stumbled across PAVA, and I was surprised by all the volunteer programs that they had which were in my area. Although some events took place in LA, I was willing to go, because of how great these opportunities were. Some main events that brought my attention was the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which was a good chance to show our Korean Background and of being Korean American.

I feel like PAVA is not just a association that gives out hours for volunteering, but connecting us to society and show who we really are. Not only do we have a chance to show our Korean culture, but events such as Bird Sanctuary and Coastal Clean-Up help us make the environment a better place to live for us as well. I’ve never stood out to become a leader because I was usually the quiet kid in class, but PAVA has helped me stand up and become a better person mentally and physically.

As National Vice President of PAVA, I want to urge our members to be more passionate towards helping the environment. I feel like we all are leaders and together we can make a difference in the world and not just the districts that we are in. Thank You, and I hope that we have another successful year!

Chris D. Kim

National Senior Vice-President

Cypress High School

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