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Hi everyone. I am Allison Lee, one of your new National Vice Presidents for 2020-2021. I have been a member of PAVA for a few years now and last year I had the chance to serve as President of District 11. Through PAVA, I have learned the importance of serving and giving back to my community. It has allowed me to face crucial issues through the act of volunteering. Events, such as Midnight Mission, give me the opportunity to aid the homeless in LA county. And while at Amigos de Los Rios and Coastal CleanUp, I am able to do my part in protecting and preserving the environment. Performing at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the Korea Independence Movement, I can embrace my Korean culture while also bringing awareness to it. PAVA has given me the privilege to mature as a person and has shown me what true leaders look like in our society today.

Allison Lee

National Vice President

Crescenta Valley High School

Class of 2021

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