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A non-profit volunteer organization founded in 2001, PAVA World has been in service to our communities in Southern California to promote and expand volunteerism. Our volunteers are mostly consisted of middle school and high school student members. All the members are divided into 16 different districts according to the region, ranging from Valencia to San Diego. PAVA World hosts annual volunteering events that are focused on Environmental Clean-ups to preserve nature , Community Event Participations to support government officials and help the people in need such as homeless people, and Education workshops and seminars to transform students into future leaders of our society.


PAVA WORLD's Missions



To preserve the environment and encourage positive relationships with local communities. Environmental awareness and conservation is an urgent task that many communities wish to solve. By working together on projects that preserve and cleanse the earth, we will be able to narrow the gap between different communities and better understand each other.



To expand volunteerism; not only within those in the Los Angeles community but to each PAVA volunteer in every different community. Through embedding the volunteering spirit, we hope the volunteers will build positive life experiences to pass on the spirit of volunteering.



To cultivate the youth to be the future leaders who are committed to make positive improvements in society. Through environmental awareness campaigns and community events, we hope the youth will develop good personal character and experience many means to become involved in society.

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