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In 2016, President Won S. Myung was inspired to start a Scholarship Program to benefit students of PAVA.

Every year, he shows his dedication to education by offering scholarships to promising students in need of financial assistance. He wishes the students to make decisions that they truly want for their future. President Myung feels that it is part of his responsibility to help students navigate through their financial, academic, and personal challenges, and he believes that the scholarship opportunity is one way to help them reach their destination. Because of his deep concern and care for students’ academic success, he makes a great effort to lead them to the path to higher education with his scholarship program.

The goal of President Myung’s scholarship program is to motivate PAVA students to make different decisions and start imagining new possibilities, the one that can lead to their dreams. President Myung hopes to elevate his desire to find greatness in promising individuals through this scholarship program.



Must have been involved in PAVA WORLD more than 2 years


Must have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the communities through leadership and volunteerism


Have a minimum cumulative unweighted high school GPA of 3.5


High School Senior (HS class of 2018)



Submit completed Scholarship Program Application


Submit your most recent official High School transcription


500 words essay that describe: - What life experience and activity have shaped who you are today - Your academic and career goals and your plans to achieve them - Why you need this scholarship

2023 PAVA World Won's Scholarship

Thanks to our outstanding volunteers who have worked hard to make better communities. 
Congratulations to all! 

  • Samuel Chun    (Northern Valley Old Tappan)

  • Kyuri Moon        (Ruben S, Ayala High School)

  • Kaylin Kim          (Nothern Valley Demarest High School)

  • Kayley Choi        (Centennial High School)

  • Joseph Kim        (Crean Lutheran High School)

  • Jiyoon Han         (Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan)

  • Jihu Kim Crean  (Lutheran High School)

  • Jeremy Kim        (Silverado High School)

  • Hyeongi Kong    (Etowah High School)

  • Ellie Park              (Sonora High School)

  • Boa Hwang         (Sunny Hills High School)

  • Aidan Lee            (Santiago High School)

  • Adam Lee           (Chino Hills High School)

  • Sol Kwon            (John Marshall High School)

  • Samuel Lim       (Northern Valley Regional High School)

  • Lucy Lee              (Sage Hill School)

  • Kayla Lim            (Sunny Hills High School)

  • Juhwan Kim       (Cypress High School)

  • Joshua Joonseo Paik    (Atlanta International School)

  • Jaden Joo          (Sunny Hills High School)

  • Erin Sun              (Ramona Convent)

  • Elissa Yoon        (Ayala High School)

  • Ashley Lee         (Larchmont Charter School)

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